DynaMatrics® Single Factor +

The basis for the Enterprise Sentinel® line of authentication solutions is the award winning DynaMatrics® Single Factor + dynamic matrix authentication system.  This knowledge based systems uses two user known elements to enable them to quickly and easily create very secure One Time Passcodes on almost any device or platform. The patented DynaMatrics® log in technology provides extremely high levels of security, usability and interoperability. 

Both our cloud and server based DynaMatrics® Single Factor + authentication solutions are ideal for securing internal resources, transactions, customer/partner remote authentication and just about any use case you can think of. The technology is extremely user friendly and operates on all end points and most platforms. This one-time passcode solution does not require hardware tokens or out of band connection making it very cost effective and easy to install.  DynaMatrics® Single Factor + is extremely versatile and cost effective providing strong authentication for as little as a dollar a month per user (or less) and is so easy to use a child can do it.

Our patented process is extremely resistant to phishing, key-logging, and all other known forms of hacking and makes it virtually impossible for anyone to access your system. 

To find out more please view the Product Demonstration Video located in our Attributes page.

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