Fast and Easy to Use

An Enterprise Sentinel® - DynaMatric® is very easy to remember and allows the user to quickly determine the correct passcode for system access.

Studies conducted at Carnegie Mellon University ( CMU Report Draft - PDF) and University College in London (Evaluating the Usability and Security of a Graphical One Time PIN System - PDF) have shown that people tend to remember patterns better than passwords or PIN's characters. They also show that in general, people found pattern based system are less difficult to use as well.

Study participants disagreed or strongly disagreed
that the system is hard to remember or difficult to use

Determining and entering Enterprise Sentinel® one-time passcode is a very quick and easy process that, unlike FOB, smartcard and Out-of-Band systems, requires very few process steps. Users simply view the clue table remembering their pattern, perform a quick translation and enter their OTP. There is no requirement for additional data entry into a hardware device or card to create the OTP, nor the need to enter a password into a mobile device to receive a return OTP and then enter it into the system.

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The high levels of security provided by DynaMatrics® - Device as a Token are based in a unique process that combines our extremely secure knowledge based graphic method of creating OTPs with system registered devices. It is virtually impossible for an adversary to compromise the system as they would require possession of the user's external device plus know the user’s unique DynaMatrics® rule. A DynaMatrics® rule can only be compromised after multiple witnessed events of both the randomly generated clue table and the user's input against each table. With DynaMatrics® - Device as a Token however, the clue table and user’s input are delivered through different communication channels making it extremely difficult to observe or phish. Also, the DynaMatrics® - Device as a Token clue tables are never stored on the device and are invisible to any malware that may be present on the device. Installation is fast and easy and users can self-register for the service in minutes.

DynaMatrics® Single Factor + versus Passwords

Passwords are by far the most frequent used form of login security system in use today. This is primarily due to the low cost of setting up a password, the broad base of application, including the internet, and the familiarity that eCommerce users have with their usage.

However, there are several issues with passwords that make them ineffective in situations where substantive security is required.

Passwords are static and as such are subject to being compromised in a single witnessed event. Modern criminals have developed techniques and technologies ranging from simple shoulder surfing to elaborate phishing methods to gain exposure to a user's password and defeat the system. Once this is determined the criminal has unlimited access to information until the user changes their password and the process starts all over again. To counteract this many security policies require that users change their passwords frequently but they typically find it very inconvenient to do so and usually don't.

Passwords are either easy to remember but very weak in security, or far too hard to remember to be effective from a security standpoint. Most people have a limited capability to remember the lengthy, random, multi-symbol passwords that are required to make them secure. As such users write down the difficult to remember passwords and try to hide them where only they can find them or choose simple ones that relate to something they can easily identify with, like their pet's name, but these types of passwords are non-random and easy to guess by a determined hacker.

Clearly there is a trade-off between the ease of effective use of passwords and the real security they provide.

DynaMatrics® Single Factor + significantly reduces the tradeoff between ease of use and levels of security. The random nature of DynaMatrics®  Single Factor + and its ability to obfuscate the values through a mathematical operator cause it to be much more secure than passwords with a lot fewer things to remember. In fact, a four cell DynaMatrics® Single Factor + - DynaMatric® with a single mathematical operator is more secure than an 8 character, upper/lower case, alpha-numeric, randomly generated password and way easier to use.

Entropy Chart

Key Length Numeric PINs Strong Passwords Enterprise Sentinel® Keys Number of times that Enterprise Sentinel® is better than passwords
4 13.29 26.09* 47.23 2,304,068
5 16.61 32.62 59.03 89,302,066
6 19.93 39.14 70.84 3,485,282,043
7 23.25 45.66 82.92 164,018,353,925
8 26.58 52.19 94.45 5,272,061,547,616

DynaMatrics® Single Factor + versus other systems that generate random passcodes

There is a growing trend in log-in security to eCommerce applications to move toward systems that afford users the ability to create random passcodes at each login event. These systems are generally much better than what is currently used in the marketplace today and are a significant step forward in making eCommerce safer.

Most of these systems are based on some form of pattern or item recognition that the user has memorized and are typically easier to use than current password or PIN systems, and are much more secure due to their random nature.

Yet, although these products are better than the status quo they are either not as secure as is necessary, or too cumbersome and time consuming for users to utilize efficiently.

Other systems use pattern recognition and various methods to try to obfuscate the input and pattern but they are very cumbersome to work with and often take the user a couple of minutes to login.

The DynaMatrics® Single Factor + system attains proper balance between security and ease of use with its patented combination of pattern recognition and simple obfuscating mathematical operators.

A DynaMatrics® Single Factor + - DynaMatric® is infinitely more secure. The use of mathematical operators makes the number of pattern possibilities much, much larger than simple pattern recognition. Not only are there more DynaMatrics possibilities to choose, but the process of altering numbers significantly reduces possibility of a successful information breach.

Multiple log-in observations are required to compromise knowledge based random passcode generation systems. Although pattern recognition on its own can be effective in reducing less sophisticated hacking attempts like shoulder surfing, it can be compromised relatively easily with only a couple of witnessed events. The reason is that there are a limited number of pattern combinations available on grids or other prompting tables that can be used effectively by most people. As such, a knowledgeable hacker can determine these patterns by analyzing a very small number of passcode and grid combinations.

From a security standpoint, the key differentiator between knowledge based random passcode generation products is the number of observation attempts required to compromise the system; the more observations required, the stronger the security of the system. The measurement we have defined for this process is the Average Witnessed Events (AWE) factor.

Independent research reveals that pattern based systems alone require more than one but usually fewer than three witnessed events. By contrast, the DynaMatrics® Single Factor + system has an AWE factor of at least 5.9.  This means that anyone trying to compromise the system would have to witness and perfectly record individual clue tables plus the users input against each clue table almost 6 times on average and would likely require a fairly sophisticated algorithm to determine the users DynaMatric® to certainty.

This requirement completely eliminates shoulder surfing and key-logging (unless accompanied by a screen scrape on multiple occasions) and makes phishing attempts much, much more time consuming, difficult and risky for adversaries.

End Point Independent

Any platform, any device. From computers and cell phones to ATMs and networks, DynaMatrics® will operate effectively and securely on any device on any platform including the internet.

DynaMatrics® is a full featured enterprise caliber authentication system. It is fully configurable and scalable to meet the needs of all entities from small business to large corporate environments.

DynaMatrics® can be accessed through web browsers on most mobile devices. The clean and easy user interface presents extremely well on most devices and provides unsurpassed secure access to corporate resources from anywhere.

It can also be added to existing web apps to ensure that the app's capabilities and connectivity cannot be accessed by unauthorized users.

The DynaMatrics® Secure Area Access provides strong access protection to physical spaces like office buildings, server rooms, homes and garages, and any other area you wish to control access to. It can easily be paired with physical devices or authentication solutions such as proximity cards or voice recognition capabilities to provide multiple factor authentication.

Use cases include:

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